10 Things To Do Before I Die Book Report

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I’m reading 10 Things to do Before I Die by Daniel Ehrenhaft and I am on page165. This book is about a 16 year old boy named Ted Burger who has been poisoned and only has roughly 24 hours left to live, so his friends make a list of 10 things they think he should do before he dies and they try to do everything before the 24 hours is over. In this journal I will be questioning and evaluating.

I wonder if Ted will be able to finish his list. First, he will not be able to finish. I think he will not be able to finish his list because he does not have much time. He only has 24 hours before he dies. It has already been four and he only finished two things from his list out of 10. Second, there are multiple things on the list that are unrealistic. Some examples are “7. Rob a bank. 8. Pull a crazy stunt, like bungee jump off the GW Bridge. 9. Start your own religion” (Ehrenhaft 170). Last, his physical state is not the best. He is poisoned so he is throwing up every once in a while, and he is dizzy occasionally. Another option would the he will finish the list. I think he might finish the list because he is determined. He is telling himself that he can. He also has the support from all of his friends. He is also not going to the hospital he just wants to do the things on the list. He is devoting
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There are numerous adjectives to describe him. First he is tough. He is refusing to go to the hospital. His friends are trying to get him to go to the hospital but he is refusing. He does not get mad about being poisoned; he just accepts the fact that he is going to die. His parents are not home and he did not call them. He just wants to handle it by himself. Next he is optimistic. He makes a list of things to do before he dies. He believes he can finish the list. He wants to live life to the fullest. He wants to be able to enjoy life for the little bit of lime he has left rather than being in the hospital. Ted Burger is tough and
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