100 % Perfect Girl Analysis

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Finding Escape in Ones Desires Symbols are probably the strongest literary devices when it comes to describing a story or character. In some story there are symbols that without them the story would be completely different. In Johnny Depp by Socorro Venegas and 100% perfect Girl by Haruki Murakami symbols play a key role to the meaning of the story. Through the use to symbolism in these two stories both authors show the desires of the main characters, and without these symbols the stories would not be able to convey the same meaning.
In Johnny Depp and 100% Perfect Girl they have symbols that represent the main characters and their desire. In Johnny Depp the main character Johnny had a white blanket that he refer to as a sail. Before he left the rehabilitation center he “took his blanket and gave it” to the nurse so she could “take the sail for her boat,” which could represents multiple things for example the
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Another possibility for what the blanket depends on whether the main character is the real Johnny Depp or some with dissociative identity disorder. If it is the real Johnny then it could symbolize him being an extreme method actor and never truly breaking his character of Jack Sparrow, or if it is just a person who’s personality it the actor Johnny Depp then the blanket could represent his desire to truly be Johnny Depp in everyway. The main character’s choice to give away the blanket show his desire to either finally leave behind the characters he once played or his desire to cure himself of his disorder and suppress his identity of Johnny Depp. In the 100% Perfect Girl the main character she his 100% perfect girl wearing a white sweater holding an envelope going the opposite direction as him. Examining the envelope he see that it is “lacking only a stamp” meaning that this letter
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