100 Ways To Boost Self-Confidence '

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Personal reflective essay Introduction The book I have chosen is “100 ways to boost your self-confidence’’. It is written by Barton Goldsmith. The genre of the book is self-help. As the name implies there are 100 chapters which are telling the readers the details of the ways to boost their self-confidence. This book is chosen for self-reflection because I used to think that being confident is only based on our thinking in our mind and want to know if there are some concrete ways to improve it. After reading this book, I found them are quite useful and would like to take it for reference to improve my weaknesses in order to achieve my personal goals. In the following, I would start with the personal development plan which divided into four parts, including the summary of the book, evaluation of my strengths and weaknesses, limitation of achieving personal goals and finally the action plan. Part One: Personal Development Plan Summary of the concepts from the book The main theme of this book is not talking about how to be a successful person but how to be pleased with being ourselves and enjoy it as much as we can. This book provided some idea of concrete action for the readers such as keeping our body clean and reminding our last success. Among the 100 ways, there are three ways impressed me most deeply. They are being patient with yourself, be prepared and access multiple intelligences. Being patient makes us be persistent, keep trying and trust our ability. It allows us to
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