Rasheed Character Analysis

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A girl born into an society with a set of rules and a set destiny. One decision leads her to realize not only the type of person she is, but the corruption within their government. When the government tries to stop the exposure of their secrets, she fights back against them. In the end, she leads her country into a modern era full of hope and peace. Many people have read this story before because it’s a classic plot line of many modern young teenage adult books with female protagonists. Books with plot lines such as this one described above include the Hunger Games and Divergent. Through the plot line, the female protagonist evolves as character learning to become a stronger, empowered woman in order to stand up against the injustices not only occurring to them, but to people around her. Character development is key in any successful book in order to…show more content…
At just the age fifteen, she was forced into a arranged marriage. One night Mariam experiences a traumatic event, she is raped by Rasheed. “Her hands clenched the sheets in fistfuls. He rolled on top of her, wriggled and shifted, and she let out a whimper. Mariam closed her eyes, gritted her teeth”(pg. 77). While Rasheed rapes her, Mariam shows signs of pain and anguish. Her clenched hands and gritted teeth convey she dislikes of Rasheed’s actions. Even though she physically displaying signs of refusal, she is doesn’t take any action to stop her rape. No protesting remarks are spoken, and no physical action are taken. Mariam simply allows her rape to happens, feeling powerless against Rasheed. On the other hand, while many women may have felt completely emotionally devastated by this event, she continues to live her life. Even as she has to live with this traumatic event and many more to follow for the rest of her life, Mariam does not let that destroy her spirit and will to live past the pain and
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