101 California Street Killings: A Case Study

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Being that there was such a need to increase law enforcement and the amount of guards in the prison system there was a need to make sure there was enough funding to have enough prisons to avoid the possibility of overcrowding. The bill allocated $9.9 billion, including $7.9 billion to build state prisons for violent offenders, and $1.8 billion to states for jailing criminal illegal immigrant (US Department of Justic,1993). When hearing the conditions of the act one can presume the amount of crime taking place would decrease (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco& Firearms June,16,1996). During the late 1980’s there were many high-profile cases of violent crime that spread rapidly throughout the United States. One example includes The 101 California Street Shooting.…show more content…
Gian Ferri went into the law office of Pettit&Martin and opened fire using a semiautomatic assault weapon eight people were killed and six others were injured. The killings sparked a number of legal and legislative actions. Looking at the objective of the violent crime control and law enforcement act of 1944 the primary goal was to reduce the amount of crime that was taking place across the United States. Instead of reducing the amount of crime that was taking place more crimes seemed to be happening. Before that act was passed anyone was able to get their hands on some of the most dangerous weapons to use against one another. When looking at the effectiveness of this ban, it wasn’t as effective as some may would have hoped it to

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