10x10 Unit 4 Assignment

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As the education coordinator, I will first approach my subject matter as a system itself. I will design my materials first by identifying their purpose, then second their function and finally deriving the structure of the educational materials from the necessary functions. In developing educational materials, I will also want to familiarize myself with my students as I know that according to communication models they may interpret what I communicate differently than I intend due to how they “decode” (Nelson, Staggers, 2014). Once I have an understanding for what my students know, I will move forward by assessing their learning styles as I believe that is an incredibly valuable thing for an educator as well as a student to know. Now that I know what my students know and how…show more content…
So the The focus of my education will be to utilize theories on adult learning and methods of long-term retention within the context of their preferred communication and learning styles. Much like the University of Minnesota utilizes voice-over PowerPoints and reading assignments to engage multiple senses and provide a framework for learning, I will provide various sources of content and structure according to cognitive and constructionist learning theories (10x10 with University). I will package my content in modules spread over several weeks, like the 10x10 program, in order to give the students time to fully absorb the information and begin to apply it to their work. Leading into the classes I will provide them with a big picture overview and open a discussion on the importance of learning this material in order to increase buy-in and engagement. I believe that by using cognitive and constructionist theories to maximize LTM as well as theories on adult learning and the Shannon-Weaver communication model, I can deliver exceptional informatics education to my
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