11 Facts About Driving Under The Influence Analysis

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Drinking and Driving The article “11 Facts About Driving Under the Influence” states that every 51 minutes in America, someone’s life is stolen from them due to one’s selfish decision to drive under the influence. This decision does not only affect those of the lives they have deprived, but it leaves family members and close colleagues in pain and agony knowing that one’s ignorant decision, to break the law murdered their loved one. If one understands the facts, that will be stated in this essay, and choose not to drink and drive, then he or she might just save the world, one life at a time. Driving while under the influence is wrong for many reasons. First, when someone chooses to drive under the influence he or she is being selfish, and…show more content…
Driving under the influence causes extreme amounts of pain to those who may not have lost his of her life, but now are left to suffer, in fear, from a life-changing injury. According to the passage “11 Facts About Driving Under the Influence”, “Someone is injured in a drunk driving incident every 120 seconds.” (“11 Facts About Driving Under the Influence”). Karen Links knows exactly how it feels to suffer a life-changing injury due to a drunk driving accident. Karen tells, “Before my accident I was a perfect person: honor student, excellent tennis player, and I had tons of friends. Now with the head injure, I 'm struggling to get D’s.” (I Wish It Had Been Me). This injury has now changed her life forever, and there is nothing that can be done to change that. Some claim that they should be grateful that they are still alive; what people do not realize is that this is just as traumatic as death. For now he or she lives in fear, that every time this person drives in a roadside vehicle that this will happen to him or her once again. Why should anyone have to continue living this horrific reality caused by another’s idiotic decision to drink and drive? The above information shows how horrendous one’s life may become because of another 's immature
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