11 Habits For Success

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Healthy Mind and Body Essay
Eleven Habits For Success
Darshania O. Forbes
International College Of The Cayman Islands

Instructor: Mrs. Satnarine Faulkner - Peart
December 10th, 2015


The points covered in this paper include:
i. Introduction to use of the 11 habits for success ii. A summary of the eleven habits iii. Explanation on how I have implemented each habit. iv. How these habits have improved my life.

How can one gain success? Success depends on our willingness to become disciplined. Dedication is also an important aspect of succeeding. With the eleven habits to success these two are combined so that one may lead the most successful life.
Some people though, would beg to
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Persistence, the first habit, I believe is very crucial to one’s success. It is the strength one builds to continue even through difficult situations. Even though situations may be difficult, persevering and seeing satisfying outcomes gives encouragement. Persistence can also help one to endure harder problems.
Keep learning would be the second habit for success. It is important for everyone to stay educated as we age. Lifelong learning doesn’t only keep your brain healthy, it also keeps you knowledgeable and employable in our competitive working world. Learning also improves self-understanding and improvement.
Thinking before you act is basically managing ones time and actions intelligently. This habit is necessary for success because it is important to know what is needed to be done before anything is done. Making preparations and planning beforehand can make difficult tasks somewhat easier to manage. Failing to think before acting would cause more possibilities for failure.
Reaching out to others is very important. It helps build ones interpersonal skills and reach goals faster. With the help of others, ideas on ways to do things one would find difficult. Asking for help can also remove possible issues you may have in the
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Listening actively is very important because comprehending is necessary to provide feedback. Without comprehension, the idea of what the person is trying to relay to might be misunderstood. This can cause misjudgments and disagreements, lessening the learning aspect of communication. It is also important that when listening actively, one shut out distractions and set a reason, or emotional attachment to the speaker’s message. Taking responsible risks that may cost you discomfort in any situation. Before taking risks one must have a plan beforehand. It is necessary to identify the important things and risk things that can be regained, or less important. It is okay to fail at taking risks once it is taken as a learning process. Being flexible is the last habit for success. This helps with not stressing if something falls out of plan. Being flexible allows one to work around or along with changing situations. To be flexible one has to be prepared for disappointments or surprises. Success hardly comes if one is stubborn and cannot work with things that do not go their

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