11 O Clock-Time Book Report

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I was able to go to the Music Maker story sessions twice. I tried to attend a different one as well, but it simply didn’t fit into my schedule. I attended this story time on Tuesday February 16 and Tuesday February 23. The eleven o’clock time slot is what worked for me on both of these days. My experience was a little bit different each day that I attended. The first week I went, there were fifteen children there ranging from approximately ages one and a half to five years of age. There were also three babies there. There were also ten caregivers there with these children. We sang a lot of songs and did some fun actions with them. The librarian said she starts every session with the “Welcome Song.” They go around the room and each child or caregiver says the child’s name and they get ‘welcomed’ to the library and to story time. She also had a wide variety of songs sitting down and standing up. Another one of the songs was called “You are Clapping.” The children jumped around, snuck around, and clapped during this song. They also did some songs with just their hands moving such as “Four Little Ducks.” The book this week was The Farmyard Jamboree. The librarian sang along with the CD that was playing the book. This book was…show more content…
Some of the caregivers would sit right now on the ground with their children in their laps. They would do the actions and sing the songs right along with the children and librarian. Other caregivers would sit back and just watch their children. This was similar to the participation of the children. Some were very into it while others were reserved and wouldn’t do something until their caregiver did it first. They might cling to the legs of their caregiver or run into the classroom and pick out the best spot on the carpet. This just shows the different personalities and comfort levels of different children in the
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