11th Century Medical Discoveries Essay

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The medical discoveries made during the 10th and 11th century were extremely important to medical history. Many discoveries and new ideas were made during this time period. In this informational essay you will learn all about the important discoveries and ideas during this time period. Also the political environment and the life of a citizen in the Middle East during the Middle Ages. First let’s start off to how things were prior to these discoveries. Medical operations prior to new ideas made by Muslim Medical Professionals, were often very crude. They didn’t have things like anaesthesia and and antiseptics like we have today. People knew very little about human anatomy. In fact there was very little science when it came to curing a disease or illness. For example, christian europeans often thought that disease or illnesses were punishments…show more content…
Muslims translated ancient greek text into arabic, and also latin. This is a prime example of cultural diffusion. Another thing that the Muslims took from the Greeks was the Hippocratic Oath. Except they improved it so instead of only helping the rich like the Greeks, they help everybody, including the poor. One very important person in medicinal history, Al-Razi. He did things like building the very first hospital in Baghdad. In addition to that he also was the first to build specialized hospital wards. In addition he wrote a medical book, Hawi. Another important person in medical history; Avicenna. Avicenna made very crucial discoveries Discoveries like, the nature of the pulse, and the phthisis contagious nature, as well as tuberculosis and its contagious nature. He recorded the spread of disease by water, an example of Written Records. Avicenna, like Al-Razi, wrote a book, The Canon of Medicine. This book was over a million words long, and was and still is a massive contribution to medical history. Moving on to the atmosphere during this time

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