11thchapter: A Short Story

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On the next day, the pledges take a trip to the fence around Chicago. Tris had another nightmarish, this time Peter mistreating her to get her to admit to being changed. They take the train to the screen, with Tris staring at Four's forces the whole way Intelligent. The screen around Chicago is guarded by guns, though no one knows what they're keeping out or keeping in. In fact, the Determined used to patrol the poor partition less part of town, but Abnegation voted them out, saying that the poor needed help, not police. Robert seems sad by the fact that so many other Determined around Tris are bad vibe. Oh, and also Tris is entirely black-and-blue. He tells her that she should be glad. But Tris says that gladness isn't her aim. After that, Four gives Tris some guidance about fighting, which is to dose first. So in other words, this is just a characteristic field trip, like the ones you gross at school.
12th chapter
Two days later, the newcomers get awakened up at night for another field trip. We won't keep you in doubtfulness: they're going to play some sort of internment the standard paintball game. Eric and Four are the two captains and they choose people for their team. It’s nightly in Chicago, which is a sweet faultless place for paintball. Four’s team decides to go to Navy Pier, which has a enormous Ferris wheel in our time. In their
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So it really is a ideal.Today's Dauntless example, run by Eric the Crazy, is in how to throw a knife. And Tris is quite good at it.And surprise, surprise Al is not very decent at all. In detail, Al is so corrupt at the critical skill of knife flinging, that Eric wants to teach Al a lesson about fearlessness or something by using Al as a target. But Tris steps in: Four can throw knives at her as a substitute of Al. So, Four throws the knives, narrowly missing Tris. And Tris contemplates he's trying to make her fail by mocking her
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