12 And Not Stupid By Zuraidah Omar Short Story

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Based on the short story Twelve and not stupid by Zuraidah Omar, I learnt that some people are irresponsible and fails in commitment when it comes to family, also that some child are not that naive when there is something quite unusual happens to them.

First of all, it is unjust for a man to shut one 's eyes to his family especially his wife and child. Because of this, it could bring a rift to the relationships in the family and leave the other party in disappointment. This is shown when Papa explained the whole situation where Aunt May and her boy, Kassim was neglected by Yem, a husband to both Aunt May and Jah, although Aunt May is the second wife to Yem. It is also a terrible mistake to not inform the first wife on marrying another woman as it could bring some misunderstanding if not taken care of properly.

Second, it is surprising when one says children are naive to their surroundings and adults business, when truly some of them are not. One needs to consider their child 's feelings when it comes to certain things and not hide it from them as they could sense when something is wrong. One need to keep them in the circle so they would not feel neglected and left in the dark. As shown in the short story, Sasha hesitated a little when she first met Aunt May and it goes a little bit more suspicious when Papa asked Sasha to lie to Mama about how Papa was late on picking Sasha up from school. This left Sasha clouded by mysteries and questions that she wishes that
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