12 Angry Men Character Analysis Essay

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Geometric Character Analysis When you look around the world at any given moment you see many different people with many different personalities and views of the world. Everyone has their own distinct and particular opinions, emotions, prejudices, and thoughts. No one is the same. The film 12 Angry Men not only shows the imperfections and advantages to the justice system it also shows all these different personalities too. The film writer, Reginald Rose, has 12 different juror with completely different personalities and prejudices about the topic at hand. He uses the characters to show that even though that it is not perfect the imperfections of it make it better. Even though Juror #8 was the so called “hero”, the play needed the other personalities such as…show more content…
Everyone says to take out all prejudices and emotions when in a jury but why would we even have a jury if we are just going to base it on facts and not the emotions and the background stories of the case at hand. If we are going to base it on facts then why not use a robot. I think the American Justice System was made so people are sentenced based on what we as humans decide, right or wrong. Why is too wrong to have prejudices and stereotypes of people? It’s a great question. Is it because society tells us it’s wrong? Is it because it’s what our parents taught us to do? It’s wrong because if all stereotypes and prejudices were true then we would all be the same shape. We don’t want to be categorized based on how someone views us or sees us we want to be us and that is why we hate when people think they know who we are when they really don’t. Therefore of course sometimes if may be wrong but humans are wrong sometimes and the jury system is
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