12 Angry Men Character Traits

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Traits of an Extraordinary Leader
Many movies have an ever so short life span and die off somewhat quickly after they are released. The film Twelve Angry Men depicts many traits that still engage with people in the present day, and that is what has given the film a long period of popularity. This movie shows many things when it comes to different people, life styles, and backgrounds; Mr. Davis is who I am going to focus on. In the film Twelve Angry Men, Juror number eight, Mr. Davis, forces the characters and audience to evaluate his role of leadership by analyzing his beliefs, attitudes, and actions.
The most important quality that Mr. Davis had as a leader was his belief in the value of human life. "Human beings each have their mysterious,
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Davis 's leadership role was his attitude towards the other juror members and the trial itself. A great quality of a leader is his attitude towards others, Mr. Davis treated the other jurors with great respect. He let everyone voice their own opinion and listened to them while they stated their own claim on why the boy should be proven guilty. "Keep people going by helping them make their job part of a larger success" (The Leadership). Davis exemplified his attitude towards the boy when he was unwilling to vote guilty with reasonable doubt the boy committed the crime. Instead of doing what all the others did, he approached the case with the attitude that he had to have decisive evidence one way or the other, and he was not convinced for many of reasons. His approachable, respectable, and determined attitude gives him many qualities that a leader should exemplify. As well as his beliefs and attitude, the actions that Mr. Davis takes during this case makes the audience and characters evaluate his role of…show more content…
Through analyzing Mr. Davis 's beliefs, attitude, and actions, he forces the audience and characters to evaluate their own values. Although this movie was produced in 1957, it still has traits that effect people even in present day. This is what gives this movie its long-lasting life and use for many years because so many can relate to the film. The film Twelve Angry Men has many qualities and exemplifies many traits that a leader, and decent human being should have. This film proved to be very successful in connecting with the audience and getting to the point they wanted to prove to be a successful film, and along the way it received "three Academy Award
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