Narrative Essay On A Fair Trial

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Well, today I was found innocent by a jury of my peers, but I do not think any of the jurors understand what I have been through. It all started when my stepsons mother came into my house uninvited and on drugs. There was a verbal altercation and she laid her hands on me. I defended myself, but I didn’t stop. I seen red and after years and years of abuse I snapped and killed her. As I was straddling her body and seen all the blood, I quickly came to my senses and realized what I had done. I called the cops when I realized what happened. The officers Swanston and Wiggums came and I told them what happened. I replayed the whole story for them just as I recalled it. I was taken away in cuffs and booked in the county jail. I went to my initial appearance and was appointed a public defender, aka public pretender (well…show more content…
I plead not guilty, going against what my public pretender wanted. He wanted me to plead guilty and server a lesser sentence, but I do not feel that I am guilty of murder. Murder is such a harsh sentence for self-defense. I wished someone would listen to me and dig into my case. I called my husband and he told me that him and his family are going to be getting me a new lawyer, so I actually stand a chance to get out one day. They know that my step sons mother is crazy, so they are going to support me and get me help with this. I met with my new lawyer Hutz yesterday and he is going to dig into the information of the victim and read over the 6 years of documentation that we have because we was fighting for custody of stepson. The day before our hearing is when all this happened. I remember it like it was yesterday. My new lawyer has been coming to see me and is very helpful in letting me know what is going

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