12 Angry Men Fallacy Analysis

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Fallacy is defects due to which a statement turns wrong. There are many fallacies in the movie 12 angry men – In the starting of the movie when all the member sat together the third men said that he heard all things and he think that the man is a killer but there was an fallacy in that because without seeing the facts evidences he said that he was an killer, he just heard everything in at the court which could be an man made story and interpreted that the man was a killer, and the statements he heard was of the old man who heard the voices and saw the boy running and heard the story of old women who saw the murder from the window which was not a really big proof .There is one more statement that was in my knowledge was wrong to use that…show more content…
In the movie they took one evidence that the man on the second floor heard I am gonna kill u which was turned wrong because there was a train passing at the time of murder as we have been told in the movie so he can’t hear it because the sound of the train would have been much louder than the boy voice and if…show more content…
The old man said that he got up of the bed, ran to the door, and saw the man beat the father downstairs after fifteen seconds of killing the statement was turned wrong as from moving from upstairs and opening the gate will take thirty five seconds as it was explained by the eight men through a demonstration he also told that the other reason which led him to think so was that sometimes many persons just to get popularity say many things which are not true which almost broke the confidence of all other people on the old man . Then the thing that was explained by the eight men why turned the murder case and which proved the statement of the boy killing his father wrong was the height difference of the boy and his father as mentioned in the story the height difference between the father and the child was four inches the father was four inches taller than his son , the eight man told that whenever a knife is used it is always stabbed in the downward direction and then he told that when someone is smaller than you by four inches he cannot insert knife above your heart because the knife is not stabbed in

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