The Hero of the Story in 'Twelve Angry Men'

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When a life is on the line, to what extremes will you go to save it? What does guilty beyond a reasonable doubt really mean? In 12 angry men you have 11 people who are ready to send this young man off without a single syllable said in his favor. Then we meet Juror number 8, a man who is ready to put his neck on the line; in a room of hot, tired and angry men. To try and pull this case together, and maybe save a man’s life. When your pinned against the wall, would you give into what the rest of the crowd thinks or would you dig your heels in deep and push back? That’s what Juror 8 did he pushed back, and gave this trial his all. Some might even say he is the hero of the story; but how could you be a hero if you let a murderer loose?

“I urge you to deliberate honestly, and thoughtfully. You are faced with a grave responsibility.” The judge starts the show off with that line. Whichever way the jurors decide the
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There is also almost always going to be a person who’s going to try and make your victory that much harder for Juror 8, that’s going head to head with Juror 3. With a man who already has his mind set to this thinking…” You come in here with your heart bleeding all over the floor about slums and injustices and you make up those wild stories, and you’ve got a couple of soft-hearted sobs listening to you. Well, I’m not...what’s the matter with you people? This boys is guilty! He’s got to burn! We’re letting him slip through our fingers…” We know that this is going to be a very hard pull for each man. Both have their reasons for what they believe, but who is right. Why should a man who has so much pointing towards him be let free? To go and do it again. With all the evidence no matter how hard Juror 8 tries fact provain. With the few followers that swinged to not guilty just as easily swing to guilty again. Leaving Juror 8 stand all alone again; for how can he become a
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