12 Angry Men Juror 5 Analysis

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Whenever people inspect a piece of work and try and figure out what it means 12 Angry Men by Reginald Rose is a play about 12 jurors deciding on a verdict for a boy who supposedly committed murder. There is a lot of opinions shared with everyone trying to have the correct verdict that they want and many people may think that this play is just about finding the correct outcome of the case, but it is actually about deeper meaning that Rose wanted the reader to learn. In the play 12 Angry Men by Reginald Rose, the authorial intent is two different ideas to take away from the reading and they are, people change with the opinions of others and your background changes your perspective. The first idea that Rose intended for the readers to get is…show more content…
In 12 Angry Men the jurors come from all different backgrounds. Juror 11 had a German accent and juror 3 runs a messenger service. But the juror that makes a big impact in the play is juror 5. Juror 5 is from the slums which is the same place that the boy who is accused of murder is from so he has a personal experience that the others don’t. This changes how the juror views the rest of the case. In the play Rose wrote, “I’ve lived in a slum all my life. I nurse that trash in Harlem Hospital six nights a week.” (Rose 18) This example shows the reader the personality of juror 5 and how important he is to the verdict such as when he votes not guilty. He also adds insight to the trial because of the information he can tell people. An example of this is when he said, “You don’t use this kind of knife that way. You have to hold it like this to release the blade. In order to stab downward, you would have to change your grip.” (Rose 61) This is how juror 5 gives critical advice and changes the view of other people. He knows certain facts that other people don’t because of where he came from and that can be very helpful in certain
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