12 Angry Men Juror 8

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It’s the hottest day of the year in New York City, and 12 men, who were put on a jury, are locked into a room to discuss the case of an accused 18 year old murderer. In the opening scene, the judge states that is it a first degree murder and if found guilty the teenager will receive the death penalty. The 18 year old is accused of killing his father with a “one of a kind” switch blade. The 12 jurors must decide if there is enough evidence to convict the teen of murder. When the initial vote is taken is it 11-1. The one vote for not guilty is juror eight, the voice of reason. Juror eight shows true justice by considering someone’s innocent until proved guilty. Within the first ten minutes of the men being in the jury room, where the fan…show more content…
As the other jurors are yelling at him for saying that the boy could even be innocent and for showing them the evidence, Davis never lost his cool. He stood still and let them finish talking before he responded. After showing that it would take longer than 15 seconds for the neighbor to get to the door, juror 3, Angry, started to yell at him for saying that the boy had to do it. Davis responded without even raising their voice. Juror 9 didn’t feel way at one point and looked as if he was about to pass out, Davis helped him sit back down and even offered to get him water. Finally, at the end of the movie when all 12 jurors agreed that the teen was not guilty, Angry had a hard time coming to terms with everything. So, Davis helped him get up from his chair, got his coat for him and helped him put it on, then waited for him to start walking and walked behind him. While the movie is slow moving in the beginning, all the jurors add something to make you want to watch more and see what Davis will say to convince the others that the teen is not guilty. Davis is the perfect juror by demonstrating true justice by considering the 18 year old innocent until proven
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