12 Angry Men Juror 9 Analysis

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Do What Is Right, Not What Is Easy In the 1957 MGM film Twelve Angry Men, juror’s number 8 and 9 were the two most effective leaders. Juror number 8 stands out the most out of the 12 jurors; he is a leader and a hard worker because he refuses to give up until the other jurors face the truth. Juror number 9 is the second-in-command when it comes to justice and sympathy. Juror number 9 says “Gentlemen, that’s a very sad thing – to mean nothing. A man like this needs to be quote, to be listen to” (Juror 9). In this case juror 9 shows how sympathetic he can be and how convincing he can be. In the film Twelve Angry Men jurors 8 and 9 use cultural background , actions , and experiences witnesses and other jurors to persuade the other jurors to find the boy not guilty. Culture the values, beliefs norms and behaviors of certain groups of people plays a huge role in the film Twelve Angry Men. When juror number 8 tries to defend the accused boy saying that just because he grew up in the slums does not mean he is a murder. According to Jim McCambridge of Colorado State University, “A facilitator can assist in helping participants suspend judgement about assumptions”(McCambridge). Juror number 9 acts as a facilitator when he…show more content…
The jurors in Twelve Angry Men also had to deal with this problem. Juror number 3 had a son who have not talked to in years because he was so tough on him when he was younger. This juror had no trouble believing that the boy killed his father because he thinks his son could have killed him. Juror number 11 was an immigrant who believed in the American Justice system with all his heart. He wanted to make sure that the boy had a fair trial because he believed that was the American way, his experiences in his own country were very unfair to people of different races, religions and
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