12 Angry Men: Movie Analysis

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Poverty and deprivation of many kinds is a very serious problem, not only in the United States, but also around the world. In a study in 2014, forty-seven million people living in the U.S. were considered to be in poverty; that is fifteen percent of its population . Poverty and deprivation is a serious topic that everyone should be aware of; if you are not aware of a problem,how are you going to fix it? You can find examples of this topic in almost every where; From books and movies to your everyday life. The most common known definition of poverty is economic poverty, but there is also social, emotional, and spiritual poverty and deprivation. You can find all of these in the award winning novel The Catcher in the Rye, the movie 12 angry men…show more content…
This film, released in 1957, is about a trial and how one man was able to convince the other eleven jury members to change their verdicts to not guilty. To give you a brief summary of the movie, the jury members were asked to vote for the verdict of a young boy who murdered his father; the first vote started with eleven members voted guilty and one member voting not guilty.The hero of this story is jury member 8 who voted not guilty and began attempting to persuade the other members to change their verdict by finding contradictions in the story and testimonies of others. In the end everyone changed their verdict and found the boy to be not guilty.The film includes economic poverty with the defendant growing up in the slums and having a poor family; another example of this includes jury member five who also grew up in the slums, yet he was able to get out of the state of poverty as he grew older.There is also jury number three, the antagonist of the story who is convinced the defendant is guilty, he is emotionally deprived. Years before this trial his son got in a fight and lost, his father took note of this and said “I’ll make a man out of you!’ the son then decided to leave his father, because of this jury number 3 holds a grudge against kids and is emotionally scarred due to this event. The last event that made me truly understand poverty and see how unacceptable it is, is a personal experience that I
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