12 Angry Men Movie Vs Movie Essay

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Ethan Monroe Mr. Rodgers English 9 20 April 2017 12 Angry Men: Stage Act vs Movie The act “12 Angry Men” by Reginald Rose is about a jury deciding the fate of a boy charged with a murder of his father and a jury of 12 men. The men have to find the boy guilty or not guilty or if they do not decide they will become a hung jury. There is a lot of differences between the movie and the play with the way the jurors and act the way that they speak. The act makes the jurors seem like they look like something like they are not when I was reading the act, but then I saw the movie and it just didn’t click in my mind. I think that watching movies after reading the book kind of ruins the imagination that you came up with in your head. I imagined all 12 of the jury members who were young men in their mid-20s to 30s but then in the movie, most of the men there seemed to have looked in their upper 50s to 60s. Really I found the play more interesting because when the stage directions are read it 's more interesting than seeing them happen in the movie. Also really if you are reading a play it is a little harder…show more content…
Logos is used when juror 11 was trying to tell the other jurors that the old man could not have moved as fast when juror 8 was moving around timing how many seconds it took him to get to the stairs. Also, juror 11 uses logos when he talks about how the woman across the street was not wearing her glasses the juror also said that no one wears their glasses when the are sleeping at night. Pathos is used within the movie and act when Juror 10 is arguing with 8 and 11 corrects him when he says “He’s a common, ignorant slob. He doesn 't even speak good English!” and 11 corrects him by saying “He doesn’t even speak good English.” Pathos is also used by 10 when he is talking about people living up in a bad area of a certain city or

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