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First let’s talk about the movie 12 monkeys; his movie was made in America since 1995. The plot in this movie is: there is deadly virus wipes almost all humanity in 1996, this virus was extremely contagious because this virus transfers by the air, and so people were obligated to live underground. The animals were the only living thing in the streets. The movie says that this virus was created by an army called the “12 monkeys”. James Cole was a prisoner living in the undergrounds of Philadelphia, so in the year of 2035 Cole was selected for a mission, where he is trained and sent back in time to collect information on the virus in order to help scientists develop a cure. So the mission gets started and Cole was sanded to Baltimore in 1990,…show more content…
Also another problem that James Cole has in the movie is the way he was clothing as a patient recently came out of a hospital. Other reason is that Cole starts talking about the future and the past so people think he was also crazy, he was saying that Scientifics send him to this year and starts talking about a virus that will came in six years, if this happen to me in real life I will also think that this guy have mental disorder. Looking it from other point of view, other people may think that James Cole isn’t crazy because during this entire trip on time, he starts founding a lot of evidence that will appear in the future. Like were saying James Cole is from the year 2035, so when he was sanded to the past, on those years (1990-1996) he found a lot of things already viewed in the future, so he starts doing many things like kidnapping people (we will think he is crazy) but all these strange acts were the process to the solution and also the evidence to stop the army of the 12 monkeys. The only girl that was from James Cole was Kathryn Railly, the psychiatrist. She believed that Cole acts were right, also because he bring evidence to her so she starts thinking that this could be true. The first evidence that Cole “gave”

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