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When long-term sobriety is a challenge, for support and guidance, many people turn to 12-step programs by Alcoholics Anonymous and other organizations. Although there are numerous reasons to embrace the principles for 12-step recovery in St. George and throughout the world, there are still many lingering rumors and misunderstandings that surround this effective program.

The original 12-step program was established in the 1930's by a physician wanting to recover from alcoholism. Even though this distinguished program has a long history of helping millions of people with the battle against addiction, many people still struggle with the guiding principles, especially in the early days of their participation. Often when individuals first begin
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George and other places do employ certain spiritual philosophies and practices, such as praying for strength, it is not religion. Although the group does not endorse or promote any particular system of faith or religious group, members are free to belong to any type of religion they want. They can be Catholics, Buddhists, Jewish, Muslim or agnostic. Even as some individuals may find it helpful to meld their religious habits with their 12-step practices, belonging to a religious group is completely unnecessary.

Myth: The Organization Is A Cult

Facts: The twelve-step program follows a list of principles that are outlined in each of the steps. The steps are ways to define problems, look for ways to solve problems, and suggest ways to behave or take action. Cults, on the other hand, focus on one particular person or object, insist that members think in a certain way and punish members if they quit the group. Twelve step participants are free think for themselves and are also free to quit or attend meetings whenever they want

Myth: Members Can't Think for
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While it is true that there are there are other types of programs, and there are no guarantees that any program works for everyone, it is also true that 12-step fellowship programs do have a history of working for many people. Twelve-step programs oftentimes work when people want to stop drinking alcohol, using drugs and taking other harmful substances because they give people who want to stay sober an readily available support group and a set of tools that can help them create new habits, a new lifestyle, and a new way to think and

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