12 Years A Slave Analysis

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Filmed in 2013, “12 Years a Slave” is an American period drama that is based on the actual event happened back in the 19th century, where Solomon Northup, an African American who were originally a “free man”, being tricked and sold as a slave. The story then progress as Northup’s life continues as a slave, while being sold to another master. Although trying to reach out for help, but fails eventually. In the closing, Northup is able to ask for help from a Canadian worker and gaining his original identity 12 years later, re-joining his family. The movie was released in 2013, directed by Steve McQueen and produced by Brad Pitt and several other producers. Meanwhile, John Ridley would be responsible for screenplay. Starring Chiwetel Ejiofor, Michael Fassbender and Benedict Cumberbatch, the movie…show more content…
In the meantime, Patsey was caught sneaking off to get a bar of soap from a neighbour, which Epps believed she was having an affair with the neighbour, and forces Northup to whip her. Reluctantly in doing so, Epps took the whip back and whips Patsey himself. As the story continues, Northup revealed his story to Bass and asked him to send a letter to Saratoga, where he used to live at. Risking his life, Bass promised in doing so. One day, Northup was called over by a sheriff during his work, and was asked a series of questions in order to confirm his real identity. Upon answering, Northup has spotted a shop owner whom he used to know, Mr. Parker. In the meantime, enraged by the event, Epps stormed over and protests furiously. After 12 years of enslavement, Northup once again gained his true identity back and returned to his family. As he reunites with his family, he was presented his grandson by his son-in-law, while the grandson was named “Solomon Northup Staunton”, in honour of the
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