12 Years A Slave Essay

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Life Without Freedom The film 12 Years a Slave written by Solomon Northup shows the heartbreak, pain, and suffering during the many years of slavery. It shows how bad the slaves were treated. They were treated as if they were not people, and like they did not deserve a normal life like the white folk. The blacks were stripped from their homes, their families, and most of all, their rights as humans. Many blacks during this time period were born into slavery, and knew no other way of life than to be a slave. The other majority of black folk were free and treated as everyone else, until they would be taken by the whites, only to be put to work for the rest of their lives. Slavery was a big role in history, it showed us that every person, no…show more content…
Solomon was a free black man at the beginning of his life. He had a beautiful family, a big house, and a sense of worth of belonging to his community. He never thought he would be sold into slavery after a night of fun with new friends. The white people who bought slaves did not care about taking mothers away from their children, brothers away from sisters, and certainly not free blacks away from living free lives. The masters, or owners of slaves, were only in it for the money and control. In the movie, there were some nice masters that had empathy for the slaves, while the other masters only saw them as dollar signs. The slaves during this time period suffered many hardships and did not get the freedom they deserved. Many blacks lived their whole life as slaves, and died not getting to know what being free felt like. After watching the movie 12 Years a Slave, I feel as if I can empathize with the blacks during the slave trade time period. I always believed that slavery was a horrible thing to go through, and watching this it reminded me of how strongly I felt about having equality for everybody. I also felt glad knowing that there were many white people trying to help slaves live free
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