12 Years A Slave

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FINDING MEANING IN MY FAVOURITE TEXT While several movies grab one by the throat, 12 Years a Slave appeals to heart. That’s how a film gets its name inside that big, golden envelope. Sometimes one has to prepare for the journey a movie takes one. So it is with “12 Years a Slave,” a harrowing, unforgettable drama that doesn’t look away from the reality of slavery, and in so doing, helps one to fully, truly confront it. My spontaneous reaction on viewing the movie was awe, however, only to find out soon after the unforgettable land mark encounter with the movie that it is not the producer’s masterpiece. How well may a movie which stars a gifted director, a skilfully gifted cast, and a vividly developed true life account from a biography not…show more content…
The societal class of individuals was the basis of their happiness. Their lives were limited by the amount of freedom they had. In the movie “12 years a slave”, two classes of people known as the Whites and the Negros separated by race define the hierarchies of autonomy and conformity. On the one hand were the Whites who came from rich backgrounds, educated and, of course, light skinned. From the movie, the important figures in the White class were William Ford (Benedict Cumberbatch), John Tibeats (Paul Dano) and the psychotic Edwin Epps (Michael Fassbender) (Laurier, 2013). These three were the bourgeoisies in the movie. They feel superior to the Negros (the black race). On the other hand are the Negros, representing the proletarian society, whose only freedom is confined to their families. Solomon is the important figure among the Negros upon whom the most disturbing horrors of the movie were vented, being the central…show more content…
It was when Solomon first discovered he was a slave, after waking up in chains. He had been over-fed with alcohol the previous day by his captors and was made to fall into a deep, long sleep. The slave auctioneer comes in almost immediately and announces to him, just to reassure him, that he (Solomon) was a slave. He is introduced to the world of slavery by merciless beating. This shows a deep contrast between his status the previous day when he was merrying, wining and dining before his two unsuspecting captors. This view show how the life of each actor represented revolved around their freedom. The Whites had devised a system where the Negros were generally derided and seen as non-humans. This is seen in the kind of chains used on Negros, the whips they were subjected to and the way the captured Negros were displayed by slave auctioneers. There was no possibility that the Negros were ever going to have an equal say with the

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