12 Years A Slave Thesis

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Firstly, the Journal of a Residence on a Georgia Plantation is written from the point of view of a plantation farmers’ wife who is writing down how she feels about her husband owning slaves. he tries to help the slaves escape from their horrible lives. She believes that owning a slave, or as she see’s it “the right one man has to enslave another” (Kemble 8), is an injustice to humanity and that it should not be allowed; yet she also writes some statement that can be seen as racist. She starts of by saying “How, in the name of all that is natural, probable, possible, should the spirit and energy of any human creature support itself under such an accumulation of injustice and obloquy” (Kemble 15-16). In other words, the author is question…show more content…
Focusing more on the white people protracted in the movie, they seemed to be very aggressive. This was because society was brainwashing them into believed that they had some higher power over the black people just for the difference of the skin colour which made all “their power” run to their head. Now from the slaves’ point of view, they seemed to feel infer and many of them didn’t understand why God was putting in a life that they didn’t deserve. Many of the men, women, and children that were all separated from each other became depressed. This is obviously very normal since they are being stripped away from their loved to be sold like an item to people who think they have more power over them for having lighter skin colour. Finally, both the Journal of a Residence on a Georgia Plantation and the movie 12 Years a Slave talk about the owners of the slaves point of view being completely contrary to the slaves point of view and how many people became ignorant and blind of the damage that was being

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