12 Years Of Slave Analysis

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Slavery was it positive or negative contribution to the world that we live in today? Well in the eyes of today’s society we see how horrible slavery was and how traumatic it was for those who were unfortunate to be in slavery. The film 12 Years of Slave shows the world of how a man who was free and then taken into slavery. We get a visual of how this man was tortured. However, in the eyes of James Hammond, George Fitzhugh, and John C. Calhoun they all gave us their own reasons on why slavery was a great contribution and why slavery should not be abolished. Looking through the perspective of these three great men in their time and looking into the perspective of 12 Years of Slave we see that slaves were better in the south than up in the north, slaves were suffering in the south, and slaves had First, slaves in the south had a better chance of surviving rather than being in the north because even though they were working for Whites they still got the necessities they needed in order to survive. “Our slaves are hired for life and well compensated; there is no starvation, no begging, no want of employment among our people, and not too much employment either.” (James Hammond, PDF) Hammond was trying to prove to the north that slaves had a better life in the…show more content…
“The Negro slaves of the South are the happiest, and, in some sense, the freest people in the world.” (George Fitzhugh, PDF) The slaves in the south had their families with them. They never got separated and the children of the slaves never worked at all. He agrees that slaves have comfort and necessities in their lives despite having to work in the heat under the White Man. The slave owners still gave the slaves the holidays and Sabbaths and having the luxury of sleep. Even when the slaves are having troubles in the end they still had food, shelter, and most importantly they still had their families with
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