Why Was Kim Peek's Brain So Extraordinary?

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1. Pp. 127-128: Why was Kim Peek’s brain so extraordinary? Because his enlarged head has no corpus callosum, and has a damaged cerebellum, which makes him get severe upset easily. However, the memory of Kim Peek is extraordinary. He can read two different articles in the same time, one with one eye. Moreover, he can remember all he read perfectly, forever! Amazingly, Kim Peek is familiar with every book in a library and can quote many details from those books. 2. Pp. 128-129: Why do we have memory? There are two reasons why we have memory. First of all, human is very vulnerable comparing to tiger, bear, and other animals in the wild. However, God is very fair. He not only gives tiger and bear the sharp claws, big teeth, and strong muscle, but also gives human strong memory that allows our ancestors to remember where food grows and where threats lurk, which increases their chance of survive. Moreover, memory makes us consciously aware. It helps our characteristics to form, helps us to read and speak, and help us to be different from any other animals in the…show more content…
However, if they are asked to remember words on the beach, the divers who were standing on the beach perform fifteen percent better. Divers can remember things better when they are in the environment where they were staying before, which is Context-dependent learning. Therefore, Context-dependent learning shows that people can perform better if they are encoding in the environmental condition that mimics the condition they are familiar with. To apply to the real world, we can choose a place where we familiar with and be comfortable with, for example our home classrooms, to prepare for a test in school, which can increase our efficiency according to Context-dependent
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