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After the release in 2010 by the company “20th century FOX”, the movie “127 hours” became one of the most loved and popular films of viewers over 16 years old. The collections of this film around the world exceeded the budget of the film itself four times which can serve as another proof of its popularity. "127 Hours" gained such great popularity around the world could be the obvious reasons such as supporting their favorite and most beautiful idols by dedicated fans, watching a film by people who liked only the appearance of the main actor / actress and the interest to look at how he / she plays. However, the real reason of that consisted in breathtaking script and a wonderful game of actors that touched the depths of the souls of viewers with their own believability.
The purpose of “127 hours” is not just to show the history based on real
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For instance, in the case with the main hero in the show majority would think that he will give up when his arm was pressed. However, when they see that instead of giving up, he decided to fight for his life and this action motivates people to be more confident and resolute, also to think and to analyze more deeply the situation that they have.
Summing up, “127 hours” screens the most difficult moment in the life of the main character and how he coped with the pressure of everything that is happening around him at this particular moment. By showing these scenes they also show the idea of following the instincts that you have which are considered to be laws of nature and people are interested in those kinds of themes, because of the lack of confidence or just to watch the way how those instincts can be expressed in the most difficult situations like with the man in the
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