12th Justice System Case Study

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I find myself writing you asking for guidance within the walls of the 12th Justice System. My daughter continues to be in the middle of ledge issues with the adopted mother of my granddaughter. However, this is a family matter, in which we will have to figure out on our end. But, my concern is that my daughter (Jaclyn Renee Romeo) was given a two year order of protection by Judge Jessica Colon-Sayre for a Facebook post on a private page WITH no names in/on the post. When my daughter (Jaclyn) was in court with the adopted mother several months ago, and the previous Judge stated that the page could stay up as long as it was in a private status. I know you cannot make a comment regarding another Judge ruling, however I am asking for someone to, look into the matter on a more check and balance bases. I am all so concern regarding Judge Jessica Colon-Sayre bias regarding the case base on a statement she allegedly made. Apparently in her chastising of my daughter (Jaclyn), Judge Jessica Colon-Sayre supposedly made a statement regarding her personal experience and used it as a point of references in the case, (“She…show more content…
In fact the Supreme Court of Illinois established the Commission on Professionalism to promote among lawyers and judge of Illinois principles of integrity, professionalism and civility: to foster commitment to the elimination of bias and divisiveness within the legal and judicial system; and to ensure that those systems provide equitable, effective and efficient resolution of problems and disputes for the people of Illinois. (Rule 799(a). Then going out in the real world seeing it happen, first hand. All I can say is I have been an apart of this great Commission for seven year and we have a lot of work to
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