13.1 Choosing A Research Assistant Case Study

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Case 13.1 Choosing a Research Assistant
1. Of the four options available to Angi, which is the most ethical? In the case, the most ethical would be to give it to the one who would be able to do the research. Angi has looked at the other three because of their personal need but never looked at Analisa and she seems to be the fittest with research experience and the ability to write well.
2. Using the principles of distributive justice, who would Angi choose to become the research, assistant? If we are using the distributive justice then Angi would have to create an application process that would allow each assistant to be evaluated by the 6 principles.
3. From Heifetz’s perspective, can Angi use this decision to help her department and faculty face a difficult situation? Should she? Yes, Angi could and should use Heifetz's perspective to help her department and faculty with the difficult situation. Instead of running from issues and blocking change it would allow them to understand why
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How would you assess the ethics of the PEO if you were David? If you were among the PEO management? If you were the salesperson? If you were a member of the printing community? If I was David I would first fault myself for signing a contract without making sure I was getting the best deal. I would assess the PEO as being pretty ethical because he tries to undo some of the damages that were made by the salesperson by reexamining the contract. I would look at the salesperson as dishonest and although it was a rough estimate it was his job to correct the information once David provided him with the updates on the purchase of the new business. The salesperson was only looking out for himself and could have ruined the reputation of the whole company. If I was a member of the printing community I would be cautious with the PEO because it would appear that some of their sales people do not uphold the company values of providing high-quality service and supporting minority

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