13 Constitutional Framers

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The years following the war that won American their freedom from Great Britain was overflowing with concepts about how to proceed with a new and fair government. No longer being ruled by a tyrant king and overreaching country there was a need to not replicate the same problems that caused issues with England. Uniting the thirteen different states was an important goal among the framers of the Constitution. Finding a compromise that would unify all the states and also form a government that did not encroach on God-given rights was their focus. Slavery and the importing of slaves became an influential topic for the framers of the Constitution. How much rights would the federal government have, the economics of America, and the morality of slavery and why it was not abolished right away had an important role in the creation of the Constitution that has helped…show more content…
During the Federal Convention the importance was on getting all thirteen states to join the union and therefore compromising played a big role. As a Mr. Oliver Ellsworth of Connecticut points out that “the morality or wisdom of slavery are considerations belonging to the states themselves”. There were a few that did oppose slavery thinking that it would “bring the judgment of Heaven on a country” and believed that the federal government did have the right to regulate slave trade. With such division in their thoughts and views of slavery plus the trade of them Mr. Roger Sherman “observed that the abolition of slavery seemed to be going on in the United States, and that the good sense of the several states would probably by degrees complete it”. In the long run, men that were against slavery thought it was more important for the thirteen colonies to come together than the abolishment of slavery knowing that it will come to extinction in the long
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