13 Day Reflection

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The movie which I watch about it 's Cuban missile crisis name was Thirteen Day. Director was Roger Donaldson movie has a drama and historical, political perspective in 2000. As we know Cuban missile crisis start in 1962. The movie focused on perspective of US political leadership in the movie is a Kevin Costner is a movie star with Bruce Greenwood actually I didn 't know him much just I admire to Kevin Costner. Bruce Greenwood during the movie had a role of US president John F. Kennedy. Both characters has a important role in the movie.

Movie based on 13 days process the Cuban missile crisis basically explain us what happened and what actions taken by US, Soviet Russian and Cuba.In the movie easily we may see that US and Soviet Russia stood closer to war because Russians put nuclear tipped missiles in Cuba.
In the movie president of US Kennedy(Bruce Greenwood) has no clear opinion about how to behave there was many scenario to for act by the US against Cuban missiles crisis, but the wars of one nuclear war. Let 's see what happening in the movie clearly.

The movie took me through the event that happened in Cuba when U-2 surveillance revealed that the Soviet Union was in the process of placing the missile by carrying the nuclear weapon.
This event lead to the reason why the president and his advisers came up with immediate action to prevent the activation. The president also made sure that his country doesn’t allow the threat. It was evident that the president was
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