13 Little Blue Envelopes Essay

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13 Little Blue Envelopes by Maureen Johnson is a romance adventure book. The book is set in modern day times with no set location. 17 year old, Virginia Blackstone (aka Ginny; Pretzels) lives her life in quiet seclusion in New Jersey away from everyone else out in the mean world. One day a letter came in the mail and little did she know that it would change her whole life. Aunt Peg was the definition of crazy—being that she was an artist. She had always been the one who strayed from the path, never keeping one job for more than six months. It wasn’t that she couldn’t keep them; it was that she got bored with them and needed something new to do. That is, until she died. If Ginny would have known that cancer was slowly taking over her aunt’s body, Peg would have never been permitted to leave. When Ginny got the letter she didn’t open it immediately, but who would? Peg was dead when the letter showed up on Ginny’s doorstep. The courage finally came and in the letter was 1000 dollars in cash and instructions to get a passport,…show more content…
While on the way home from the airport, Richard broke the news to Ginny that he was actually her uncle and that Peg and him had married for the health benefits for her. Ginny couldn’t bare the news and went running from Richard. Later she found herself in front of Keith’s house contemplating whether to knock or not. When she finally gathered the courage, Ginny could no longer hold it all in and she began crying on Keith’s shoulder. When she calmed down, Keith made her explain everything. Keith made Gin go find Richard and apologize for running from him without a reason. Richard, Keith and Gin worked together till the end to find a way to figure out the last letter. Finally, a key is found and put into use. They found a number to call and handfuls of paintings. The number led to a buyer who auctioned all the paintings off and left Ginny millions of
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