13 Reasons Why Analysis

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13 Reasons Why Why should teens not be allowed to read what they want? a lot of books have important lessons that might not relate to adults as much as they do to teens. Like the book 13 Reasons Why ,the book 13 Reasons Why teaches many lessons although it is an unhappy ending, because as everyone knows sometimes life is not fair. 13 Reasons Why should not be on the banned book lists because of the important lessons about life it teaches such as friendship, thinking about what people say before they say it, and not to get caught up with the wrong crowd.The book 13 Reasons Why is about a girl named hannah who commits suicide and leaves tapes of why she committed suicide. there are 13 reasons why she did it and every reason is because of 13 people. Clay gets the tapes and he believes he should not be on them so he begins to investigate, listen to the tapes and see why he is on them.
The first reason why the book 13 reasons why should not be on the banned book list is because it teaches teens to think about what they say before they say it. for example hannah and her friends were at a cafe that they always hang out at. They were drinking hot chocolate and they got into a fight because of a “who 's hot/who 's not” list after they had a long argument she said “for jessica, it was easier to think
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Another reason why the book 13 Reasons Why should not be on the banned book list is because of friendship. Before the girls got into a fight they would hang out at a coffee shop down the road from their school called monett 's. when they would have something on their mind they would say “olly-olly-oxen free” and talk about their problems. this evidence shows that friendship is important to get the bad thoughts out of people 's mind, sometimes people just need to talk about their problems and that it what they did at monett 's. friendship is very important in life and this book shows it more than most books and that is why 13 Reasons Why should not be on the banned
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