13th Documentary Reflection

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This was my third time watching the 13th Documentary, I have watched it for my Justice Theory class, Protest Justice Law and Media class, and now Immigration Education and the Family. However, with that being said, this is still an excellent documentary and each time I watch it I learn something new and different aspects pop out to me based on what particular class I have watched it for. When it comes to this class, I focused on the nuances and who was being targeted. To begin, the documentary is in reference to the Thirteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution and how it had the ability to end slavery for African Americans, however, this end of slavery led to a mass incarceration of individuals, predominantly people who are African American.…show more content…
The media depicts African American males, in particular, as dangerous and the ones who commit really serious crimes such as rape or murder. African Americans are shown as criminals on television more than they really are, which has an influence on the public of being scared of African Americans who have been referred to as super predators in the past. Some African Americans cannot help but agree with the notion that they are criminals because it is what they have been told and seen which makes them terrified of themselves. All of this goes back to what was touched on in class on how incarceration is an important social justice issue that impacts the individual, family, and children which usually results in negative outcomes overall. Last but not least, an issue raised in the film was that state institutions have legally produced criminalization, particularly targeting minority communities. As a result of Segregation and Jim Crow Laws being implemented in the past, it became legal to separate African Americans from Caucasian individuals causing African Americans to permanently be members of the lower
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