13th Reflection

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In the discussions in the documentary 13th, it talks about the controversial issue of racism. On one hand there are people that say that African Americans are not doing anything wrong and that America’s justice system is corrupt, and on the other hand there are African Americans that are in gangs, dealing crack, and killing people that if raised right and would stay in school/out of trouble would not be stuck in jail for the rest of their life. In the documentary 13th, it talks about racism from the past to the present. It starts with people from the KKK and lynching mobs from back then to now a days where they say that Black people are getting arrested and getting stuck in a corrupt justice system. They talk about how prisons used criminals for workers and they say that it's the same as slavery. In the documentary it states, “Black men make up 6.5% of the U.S. population, but they make up 40.2% of America's prison population.” As a result to watching this I get the feeling that some African American people still think that they are still getting treated unfairly because they are Black. They don't seem to see that the only way you get arrested is if you commit a crime. They don't see that one in three Black males go to jail in there life…show more content…
They also think that police are just arresting people to fill up prisons. People say that the unfair justice system would sentence aAfrican aAmericans to a sentence to jail a lot like terrorism for the possession of crack cocaine. This put away many african americans and forced kids and families to grow up on the streets. The sentence was so rough because Reagan and Nixon enforced a war on drugs. It also talks about how they are against the three strikes law. This law was placed to keep repeating criminals off the streets. After their third violent crime or felony that person would be in jail the rest of their
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