13th Warrior And Beowulf Comparison Essay

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The movie called 13th Warrior has many similarities and also differences at the same time when compared to the poem, Beowulf. There are a lot of changes in plot of the poem, and the sequence of things in the movie. The idea of the existence of an old race and the need for an epic hero is evident in the movie and in the poem as well.
The differences and similarities shown in The 13th Warrior and Beowulf can be found through the plot, setting, supernatural, and the central idea. And we will be focusing on the characters, the setting, the supernatural, and the the themes. The main characters from beowulf and the one from 13th warrior are really from two different point of view. The 13th Warrior has Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan, the thirteenth chosen warrior to fight with Buliwyf (Beowulf) in a big battle against unhuman like creatures. However In the epic poem, there is Beowulf as the main character. The way the battle looks like in the movie shows the different perspectives and the sense of confusion the warriors had when they were accompanying Beowulf throughout his journey to fight and defeat Grendel and the dragon. The movie shows clearly the risk the warriors went through and their attitude toward the battle. It also shows the main character Ahmed Ibn saving two children who were running from the attack and his compassionate heart for those who were suffering. The film shows a better side of Buliwyf, the nobler and slightly more gentleman side of Buliwyf. It shows Buliwyf fighting to protect the people of the kingdom; he was not just in it for the fame or rewards. In the poem Beowulf is fighting for just that: being honored, and
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However, the theme of good versus evil reflects the values of the Anglo-Saxon people in both the poem and the movie. Also, in the poem, grendel is just one
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