14 Year Old Girl: Josseline

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Josseline is a 14 year old girl who is from El Salvador. Her mother is an illegal immigrant in the United States, were she works in Los Angeles. Working at a low wage job, it took her some couple of years to save up money to send for Josseline and her 10 year old boy. She paid a coyote about couple thousand dollars to bring them up all the way from El Salvador, through Mexico, into Arizona and out to L.A. However, troubled happened in the Southern Arizona, after they had crossed over the border, immigrants had to walk through a very rough terrain called the Tumacacori wilderness. Josseline then begins to feel ill on the trail, she vomited, and then later on she found that she could no longer walk. When she became sick, the coyote decided…show more content…
The limited or possibly contaminated water she drank, and her death from probable exposure. She was just a child trying to reach to her mother so they could start fresh, to having a better life. The three weeks after she died in the Arizona desert, authorities identified the body of a 14 year old girl who had bright green sneakers, hollywood sweatpants and a small pearl bracelet around her wrist. The humanitarian group no more death estimates that over 5,000 immigrant bodies have been found. In the southwest borderlands of the United States and Mexico between 1994 and 2009. The exact could have been just another statistic nameless and faceless. The author Margaret Regan reconstructs josselines last days and transforms her into a symbol for all of the immigrants who have died crossing into the United States. The little brother makes it to L.A then to tell the devastating news on what he had in stored for his mother. The mother began to breakdown in tears because at that moment she could bear with the fact that her little girl past away. The mother cannot attend to her own daughter’s funeral because she is afraid that she will get caught by authorities. Many people showed up to josselines funeral to morn for her death as if she were a symbol of all those who had died in the dessert trying to make it across the border for a better
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