1492 Conquest Of Paradise Analysis

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1492: Conquest of Paradise is an epic, adventure, biography, and drama film directed by Ridley Scott and released on October 9, 1992. Not to be confused with the four other Columbus films released in 1992, the similar film often confused with this film is Columbus: The Discovery.1492: Conquest of Paradise is a feature film produced by Paramount and it 's running time is 154 minutes to cover Columbus 's (Gerard Depardieu) voyages.
1492: Conquest of Paradise along with portraying voyages of Columbus, also portrays themes of social status, gender relations, and race and religious differences during that took place during the time. This film takes place during the High Middle Ages, the film starts off in the year, 1491. During this time in the film it is seen that Columbus starts proposing his idea to the University of Salamanca about sailing to the Indies and instead of sailing East, he believes that the world is round and if he sails west he can make it there - on the contrary to other scholars like Aristotle and Socrates and the peoples belief as they thought the world was flat and in the film if you sailed to the west the oceans are "indefinite". During this part of the film, we can see how social status effects how serious people are perceived and taken as. Columbus is given this meeting with the professors at University of Salamanca, although because Columbus is not one of very high status he is not taken as seriously. The mentions of the beliefs of Aristotle and
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