14th Amendment Significance

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The fourteenth amendment is significant to American Civil Rights because it implied the idea of equality to all American citizens for the first time. Furthermore, this amendment granted that we cannot deprive any individual of life, liberty, and property without the process of law, this constitutional right provides each American citizen with equal protection of law. In addition, the fourteenth amendment has been crucial to supreme court decisions; for instance, Brown v. Board of Education is a case that has popularized the fourteenth amendment because it has highlighted that school segregation is unconstitutional and this case also marked the end of legal segregation. Following the influence of the fourteenth amendment, the right to vote was extended to African Americans in the fifteenth amendment; further dispersing equality to American citizens. All in all, the fourteenth amendment has had a huge impact on equality and has influenced infinite court rulings and society.…show more content…
The case of Brown v. Board of Education, in 1954, is especially significant because the ruling of the case to emphasize the fourteenth amendment and its purpose to equally protect people of the law concluded that it was unconstitutional to segregate schools and influenced population difference, other court rulings, and resistance. For instance, the white population in private schools rose rapidly, other rulings such as Alexander v. Holmes County Board of Education further desegregated school systems, and schools were able to be racially balanced. Moreover, legal segregation has ended which has resulted in the balance of schools in today’s society and has influenced many future judicial cases. After this case, Swann v. Charlotte-Mecklenburg County Schools was followed and ordered the busing of students to achieve racial balancing in schools. This case, was directly influenced by Brown v. Board of Education and many of the southern schools were eventually racially
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