15 Minimum Wage: Article Analysis

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In the article A Capitalist’s Case for a $15 Minimum Wage, the author Nicolas Hanauer urges for a raise in the nation’s minimum wage. Hanauer is a founder of Second Avenue Partners, a company focused on startup and emerging technologies. He also plays a major role in the founding of a dozen big name companies. As an entrepreneur, Hanauer has thoroughly analyzed the benefits raising the minimum raise would have on citizens, and especially on businesses. In his central argument for this change is that it will repair the economic cycle. The economic cycle essentially means workers are a business’ customers. If workers are only making so much money they are not making enough to buy the goods of a company and supplement their basic needs. Hanauer figures that raising the minimum wage to $15 would put about $450 billion…show more content…
In theory, raising the minimum wage would lessen America’s dependence on such benefits. If workers are making more money, Hanauer says that workers are spending more, and increasing the demand for more workers as opposed to cutting jobs. Hanauer closes his essay by telling the reader to see the economy as Henry Ford did; an effective economy is one that works for all not just part of the country. ANALYSIS: After reading Nicolas Hanauer’s essay on raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour, I take an affirmative stance on this issue. The main reason for siding with Hanauer is that he is thinking about how many people can get an upper hand with a wage increase. His viewpoint is the minority of those in his status as a highly successful businessman, as when businessmen are questioned about raising the minimum wage, they mostly argue for the opposition. Their arguments usually state how their businesses will suffer; such as the fact they will be losing money due to the increase they’re being forced to pay workers. This most likely won’t be the case because money is forever changing hands and giving more money to minimum
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