150 Word Essay On Military Love

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When everything else seems so perfect in love, the world tends to remind us that it revolves. It taps us on the shoulder and sees to it that we feel its gravity and not just float around and fly high. When men have been called for the duty of war, it took thousands of women and men in love to suffer in anguish for the news, to grieve for the lost time to be together and to be hopeful that you’ll see each other again.
What kept the fire alive? Here are some of the best experiences of the military love:
• Constant Communication

“I broke down when I was called for duty. The first thought that came into my mind? It was her. I want to cry. But I have to be strong for her, for the both of us. Sending letters are hard, especially when we are assigned in distant places. But I never miss to reply. I double that pay for long letters. I have to tell her everything. Whenever I think of her, I look above. The sky
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I don’t believe in long distance terms. I’d better be shot by a stray bullet than live in infidelity. It always ends there. But when I got home, there is my wife extending her arms to welcome me. She is crying. I cried, too. I believe in my wife. I love her so much not to.”

“I was lucky to have my husband. Though there are unexpected calls for his heroic duty, and we get separated for months, I believe that he won’t be an infidel and that he would find his way back home… to me. Nothing is easy. I have to believe in us both and ignore what others may say. We are happy we stayed faithful.”

Communication and Trust are two of the main traits that a military relationship has. It is so powerful that it creates an unbreakable bond between a woman and a man. Though the bullets fly past you, nothing can put off the fire of your urge to come home to see again the love you left behind. It is her that keeps you dauntless in war. After all, a lost love is more lethal than a poisonous
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