16 Year Old Reveal America's Real Dress Code Analysis

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After I read this article, 16-Year-Old Reveals America 's Real Dress-Code Problem, I do agree and disagree in some points. First, I disagree with the high school principle’s phrase that is “Modest is hottest.” I think he has a problem with the word choices. Why did he use the word “hottest”? For me, I think he tried to prevent his students from the “gangs,” but he should have to change his word to another. If I were a student in that high school, even the principle was well-intentioned, I would feel uncomfortable. I think the word “hot” or “hottest” is inappropriate because it must be used in other ways, which not involved in the education. Second, I think that the “Dress-Code” is a good idea, but it would be fair and better if this code was
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