1600 Century Virginia Essay

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In the 1600`s century Virginia was full of wealthy plantation owners who all bought land in the tidewater area in Virginia. The governor at that time was Sir William Berkeley. Berkeley limited voting to people who owned property; he also exempted himself and his councilors from taxation. Due to his actions it sparked burning anger from the backcountry farmers who live west of the tidewater area. Moreover, many backcountry farmers wanted to expand their land and many free indentured servants wanted land too, but the only land available near Virginia is the Native American territory. Eventually in 1675, the backcountry farmers went to war with the susquehannock Indians for land. The farmers requested military aid from Berkeley but he denied…show more content…
By 1644 Virginia pacified the Native American in the western part, that’s the part that is away from the coast, and the established the line and told the Native Americans to stay on the side, and the English colonist will stay on the other side. However, this leads to a period of rapid growth in Virginia, between 1640 and 1660 the population of Virginia went up from 8000 to 40000, so that means Virginia finds a lot of success. On the other hand, Berkeley at once will team up with the large landowners to try to prevent new large landowners from gaining power and at the same times he will start having secret deals to trade. Aphra Behn, the prolific English playwright and novelist, retells the 1676 events of the colonial uprising in Virginia known as Bacon 's Rebellion, adding a fictional romantic story about the love between an Indian Queen, Semernia, and the colonist Nathaniel Bacon in her play The Widow Ranter, performed and published posthumously. It all starts with an unhappy Jamestown, their taxes were too high and their income of selling tobacco was too low, the Indian attacks were too frequent. This has contributed to have been accelerated, Bacon complex set of events revolution in 1675-1676 involving the war between
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