1750-53 Words: The Causes And Impacts Of The Industrial Revolution

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Introduction: 53 Words (What is the Industrial Revolution) The industrial revolution (1750-1914) is a part of modern history in which there were far reaching impacts and dramatic social changes throughout the community. It was the era that consisted of developments in three particular categories where in which a famous reformer had a significant impact: Agriculture Industry Transport/Communications Scientific Discoveries/Inventions Body Paragraph 1: 282 Words (Factory Development Leading to Child Labour) Prior to the industrial revolution that took place during the 17th and 18th century, it was a period during which agrarian societies in Europe become urbanised. People before had to get work done in their own homes using basic machines…show more content…
He realised that this machine was inefficient so he began working to improve the design. After 5 years, James Watt first patented Newcomen’s invention. This patented invention led to success as it provided continuous, reliable power in a similar way to the water wheel but by using one quarter of the fuel needed by Newcomen’s engine. Textile Factory The steam engine was used in the textile factory and was more productive. Up until this point, mills were reliant on a source of water for power, but now they could be built anywhere. By the 1780s, all stages of the textile process were conducted inside factories leading to the production of cloth fabric being stronger than ever. Transportation Before the Industrial revolution, the main sources of power was horses that took 2 days to transport goods. But now, goods were transported over land in 4 hours by the steam engine that revolutionised land and sea travel. At first, the invention of the steam powered locomotive was intended for hauling goods particularly coal. Soon, it also became a mode of transportation for human passengers. Body Paragraph 3: 232 Words (Developments in the Iron
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