53 Words: The Industrial Revolution

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Introduction: 53 Words (What is the Industrial Revolution) The industrial revolution (1750-1914) is a part of modern history in which there were far reaching impacts and dramatic social changes throughout the community. It was the era that consisted of developments in three particular categories where in which a famous reformer had a significant impact: Agriculture Industry Transport/Communications Scientific Discoveries/Inventions Body Paragraph 1: 282 Words (Factory Development Leading to Child Labour) Prior to the industrial revolution that took place during the 17th and 18th century, it was a period during which agrarian societies in Europe become urbanised. People before had to get work done in their own homes using basic machines that could only be operated by adults.…show more content…
However, iron production was limited in output and was expensive. When the Industrial Revolution began, iron allowed for economic expansion serving as a key manufacturing material, through its different values such as in shipping. History The iron industry began in forested areas since trees were necessary to make the fuel known as charcoal. However, when ironworking and shipbuilding caused the forests to shrink rapidly, it became a time where it was a necessary to find an alternative option. So, it began in 1709, an ironmaster named Abraham Darby I, succeeded in producing cast iron using coal. During the process of coal turning into coke, most of the sulphur became lost as sulphurous gases. These gasses allowed the coke to go through smelting processes leading to the production of iron. Eventually this process became a good replacement for charcoal due to its low melting point and durability. Furthermore, it gave smelted iron, a leading role in engineering where it helped build various infrastructures such as buildings, steam engines as well as residential items including furnaces.
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