1750 America Script

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Narrator: Welcome to the world’s greatest countries during the 1750’s AD. Our 2 countries are well developed, with booming economies, and tons of land. The countries were close allies, but some issues were starting to brew.

King of Country A: We have to get some more gold to feed our people, and pay for our people and military. Hmmm, maybe we can “borrow” some gold from Country B.

People of Country A: All we have to do is sneak some gold from the country. Tomorrow, when sundown occurs, we will run across the border, and steal their precious gold from them.

King of Country A: Yes, yes my people, but we are a civilized nation. We will not do any shady business and steal. I will talk to the King of Country B over supper tonight. Now hurry back home before sundown.
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I appreciate it.

King of country B: How could I not. The soup is truly divine.

KA: Why thank you, the soup was made from the finest waters, and the best vegetables of my kingdom. If only I could keep my beautiful crops going.

KB: What do you mean? Your country is rich and powerful.

KA: We used to be. Our food rations are low, more and more people are going into poverty, and our economy has taken a plunge because we don’t have much gold left.

KB: My dear friend, I shall offer to help you. I can offer you a loan of 100 grams of gold, if you pay it back by 2 years.

KA: Would you really? My dear friend, you are such a honest and noble man. Of course I shall pay you back your loan of 100 grams of gold in 2 years.

KB: Good then sir, I must be leaving then, it is much too late. Your gold will be delivered tomorrow morning by my most loyal peasant. Now, ciao and good night sir.

*Both Kings Leave the Scene*

Narrator: If only KB knew that he wouldn’t get his gold back, but things were about to get ugly for KA.

*2 Years Later and set
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