1776 And 1870 Analysis

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Growing since time could tell, the United States of America. Between 1776 and 1870 the United States of America experiences numerous principal changes relating to three main ideas. America is a stronger place today because of these changes. Crucial historical moments for America fall between these two time periods. I will discuss, compare, and contrast three ideas pertaining to America before 1776 and after 1870, plus explain why America has improved since these changes. The first idea is political. Copious political documents are composed between 1776 and 1870. Predominant (they 're all important) documents will be briefly examined and explained. Starting with Thomas Paine 's Common Sense written between 1775 and 76, published in 1776.…show more content…
The final idea is economical. After the ratification of the Constitution of the United States, America becomes able to regulate it 's economy and open itself up to the worldwide market. With the invention of the road, waterway, steamboat, railroad, and steam locomotive, transportation becomes unchallenging. Along with easier transportation, industrialization is introduced, including a cotton gin and automatic flour mill. With the population growth from the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments, people were working. The first bank of the United States charters in 1791. The discovery of gold in California brings plenty of economical attention to the United States too. Consequently of the political and social improvements in America between 1776 and 1870, the United States becomes stronger economically and is able to have inventions created that otherwise might not of if it weren 't for the foregoing changes. Altogether, America has become a fitter place due to the political, societal, and economical improvements. America underwent multitudinous prime improvements between 1776 and 1870, although is always improving. The United States could be a different place if it weren 't for all of the changes. The history of America would be different than how it 's identified today, too. Hope America will continue changing in a propitious way, granting an even
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